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Thursday, 26 April 2018

rising prices essay

Rising prices

Prices are touching the sky these days. Several factors have contributed to the rise in prices. The davaluation of money is the fist cause of rising prices. The devaluation affects purchasing power of money. Naturally, people have to face the crisis created by the rise in prices.
                   Black marketers and hoarders are also responsible for rise in prices. Some businessmen hoard essential commodities of daily use . A state of artificial scarcity is created in the market. Naturally,people have to buy these commodities at fancy price.
                                                                                            Rise in prices has affectedte people of the middle class society and lower class society. there is only one wage-earner and he has to support all the members of his family with his scanty income. the people of the lower class society do not get wages in proportion to their labour. Such people are the worst victims of rising prices.

                                                                             Rising prices have made life miserable. People have to toil hard round the clock to make both ends meet. They are always haunted by cares and worries.
       Rise in prices is undermining moral stamina of the society. Hungry and naked, some children fall prey to the evil of exploitation. young men land themselves in prison to fulfil their bare needs. Poor girls have to walk the street. Hardy young men, instead of being the sentinels of the country, turn criminal. 
                                                                                     Unless the rise in prices is checked by the government should control the activities of the hoarders with an iron hand.

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