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Saturday, 28 April 2018

My Village

Last week i spent an everning in my village. My village is about 30 kilometres away from Muzaffarpur. It is on the roadside. Its name is Manpura. I has been to my village with my friends. An indian village has its own charms. My village is small. the people are mostly farmers. But no one is landless in my village, Of course, some farmers are better off than others. My villagers are hard-working. In daytime, they work in their fields. In the evening they return to their honses and spend the night peacefully.
                                                                    When we reached the village, we found the villagers busy. They were feeding their cattle. Some of them were cleaning the cattle sheds. some others were bringing water from the wells. There were yet others who were bringing grass for their cattle.

                           An evening in the village is pleasant. there is a peaceful atmosphere all around. Birds are flying about. Children are playing. Women are getting ready to cook their evening meals. The sun is about to set. Cowboys return with their cows. the day's work is going to end in the village.
                                  There is a difference between an evening in a village and a town. Evening activities do not stop in a town after sunset. A town is noisy in the evening. School children return from schools. Office-goers also come back home. We do not find such scenes in a vilalge. But the village has its natural beauty which can be seen in the morning and in the evening.  

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