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Sunday, 22 April 2018

My grandmother's house summary


10.My Grandmother's House
My grandmother's house summary
My grandmother's house summary
The poem "My Grandmother's House" is a wonderful creation by" Kamala Das". she has written about the grandmother's house. She also used to live with her grandmother in that house. When she was young in the house she was very beautiful. Her grandmother's house was also very decent and comfortable. There she and her grandmother lived a very happy life.

                                                     Everything around that very house was good. But when her grandmother died and the speaker lived in another place, the house became in bad condition. Everywhere that house became in pitiable condition. Bushes grew around when the speaker went there to see the house. When she reached there she was warmly welcomed. She saw changed when she went there but still she was proud because when she reached there she was received warmly which she got at stranger's door.
                                                                        In this poem, Kamala Das, the speaker explained in her autobiography as to how she lived when she was too young. 


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