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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Might is right

Might is right
Bold and mighty persons have always deminated over the weak and distressed people.'Might is right' is a proverb which is commonly used for those persons who think themselves to be the most superior i.e. superior to other persons in all respects. They expect to obey them (their order) without any objections in this regard. they often become violent in case, anybody dony to accept their subordination. weak and poor persons are being victimised and tortured by these heartless men. There are many examples in the history, of the cruelty and barberism by such dictators, who donot know about 'Ravana','Kansa','Hitlar' and many others for their anarchy and nefarious act ? Those dark days in histroy cannot be forgotten.

        'Might is right' is againt the spirit of democracy and peaceful co-existence.

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