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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Macavity : The Mystery Cat summary

7. Macavity : The Mystery cat
The poet thomas stearns Eliot has compose " Macavity" 'the mystery cat' which is the description about his tame cat. he tells that his cat is very clever. it (cat) is very tall and thin. it is called hidden pass due to its smartness. its powers of levitation would make a fakirstare. it always do crimes such as drinking milk, breaking glass. it goes everywere fearlesly in a mysterious way. the poet says that when it does crime it never remains there. it cheats every-one but never leaves anything back. it's not like other cats. it is a smart cat and it does always mysterious things. it always did mistakes and crime but never be presented there. it attracts every body. it attracts the poet from its personality. no other cat is like macavity. it is a light poem composed in a satirical rhythm.

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