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Tuesday, 10 April 2018

India Through a Traveller's Eyes Summary



10. India Through a Traveller's Eyes
"India through a travellers eyes" is a personal record of buck's (writer) life. it is also an account of her ideas, experience, and feelings about India and its people.
India through a traveller's eyes
                                            pearl S.Buck explained in this extract (essay) chapter about the Indian villages and people livings there. her family doctor happened to be an Indian. she could know the detailed information of Indian culture and its people, through the doctor and his wife, when she was even a child. her father and the doctor had given the detailed description of lord buddha and Buddhism. she had come to know that Kashmir was invaded by European barbarian invaders. she felt sorry to know it. she appreciated the beauty of Kashmiri people.
                                       According to her, Indians are found in almost every part of the world. it is due to their gentle nature that they adjust themselves everywhere. she felt pleasure to know that the first woman to be the president of general assembly was an Indian. the exchange of a Korean prisoner of war was made under the supervision of an Indian general.
                                                                                                                  the writer had visited India. she said that she had come to India not to see the taj mahal, Fatehpur Sikri or other historical places. although she visited all those places of historical importance, her mission was to see and listen to the young intellecuals of Indian cities and the peasants in the villages.

                                                                                                                                  she noticed the real indictment against British colonialism in the villages of India. she found thousands of young intellectuals trained in English schools were jobless in India. 
                                                                                               she remembered those days when she had studied deeply the Indian way of life while living among them. Indians had great regards for great men and women. leadership in India could only be continued by those whom the followers consider being good and honest in their acts. she found deep devotion to Gandhiji among Indians. the author had personally observed different aspects of Indian people and their culture from very near. Indian people were religious minded. it had the best and worst of both aspects. 
      in her book, "come my beloved" she had three Christian missonaries to prove it for all the people. she had a good idea about Christian people. she explained that Christians say whatever they believe and on the basis of their belief they preach. she wondered as to why Christian failed to change the world in spite of his sacrifices and services to humanity. she also narrated that not only Christians but the people of India as a whole know, what is to be willing to pay the last full measure of the cost of idealism. that is why Indians understand what is in her book. her book is not a puzzlement for them because of it not difficult for them to understand.

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