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Monday, 9 April 2018

How free is the press summary


8. How free is the press
Dorothy S. layers in the essay" how free is the press", narrates the function and importance of the press. she writer that without a free press, we can not even imagine of free people. all free people accept this fact without question. restrictions are placed upon the press in time of war. at that time people's liberties have to be restricted. naturally, freedom of the press is censored at that time. it is up to the free people that they must see that when good to consider what is that freedom and to what extent it is really desirable, it is also neccessary to consider that freedom to tyrannies is not at all good because uncontrolled freedom of one man or one gang would impose his will on the world.

How free is the press

                                                           freedom of press usually means freedom in a very technical and restricted sense which may be described as freedom from direction or censorship by the government. The British press in this sense is, under ordinary conditions singularly free. it is free to attack the policy and political character of ministers and interfere in the delicate machinery of foreign diplomacy. it can conduct movement or campaign, cause the downfall of the constitution, stir up (rouse)citizens of their dissatisfaction, expose scandals, to criticize the government servant and to provide public grievances. as such press as a whole is perfectly free in peace-loving Britain. the editorial policy of a popular daily is controlled by two chief factors:(1) the interest of the advertiser and (2) the source of newspaper revenue. the writer has admired the British press.
                               the author illustrates with the example which she has drawn from personal experience through various ways by which both fact and opinion can be distorted. these are (1) sensatioal headlines, false emphasis and suppression of context (2) garbling (giving a confused verson of something), (3) inaccurate reporting of facts (4) plain reversal of the facts (5) intentional inventions (6) deliberate and intentional spreading of stories. these are six forms of get misleading statements corrected, a heavy and exhausted effort of correspondence against the falsehood may be collectively circulated.
              decent journalists do not like the present unfair state of affairs, more responsible editors also like to fight against it. perhaps it is true that every nation gets the press it deserves.

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