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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Hostel life


Sometimes students have to lie in hostels. There is a great difference between home life and hostel life. At home a student is free. He is under the care and supervision of his parents. They try to give him all necessary comforts. such comforts and affection cannot be found in hostels. In hostels, a student gets more freedom than what he gets at home. He also gets lots of facilities which help him in the all-round development of his personality.
                Hostel life has its joys. A student enjoys lots of freedom. A hostel is run by a school or college. It is under the supervision of a hostel superintendent. He looks after the students. He also goes round the hostel to see how the students behave.

                                            Freedom gives a sense of joy to students in the hostel. They learn a number if virtues here. They have to get up early in the morning. They have to read during the study period. In the evening they have to play some games. The strict routine of the hostel creates in them a sense of discipline.
                                       Hostel life teaches students how to live together. Students from different places come to the hostel. They live together. They develop the qualities of love, friendliness and co-operation.
                                                       But there are some disadvantages of hostel life, too. the arrangement for food is generally poor. Again, if freedom is misused, students may lose their moral virtues. Sometimes the boarders develop bad habits and undesirable manners. But on the whole,hostel life is very useful. 

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