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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Fire-Hymn summary

8. Fire-Hymn
The poem ' Fire Hymn' is composed by the poet ' Keki N.Daruwala who is the recipient of sahitya akademi award. commonwealth poetry award. he wrote poems in a totally impressionistic recording of subjective responses. in this poem he tells us about a burning ghat. the ghat was almost burnt but some portion of it was half burnt. red light showed their way. the sky seemed like a red ball. the sky was full of smoke which came out from the fire. many animals were killed  and some of them were half cooked. the smoke swallowed everything and at last it turned into ashes, which were grey in colour. the poet says that he will never forget this fire he further adds that he had not witnessed such hugr fire for the last twenty years i.e.when he consigned his first born child to the flames. he says that he might have committed some mistake. so, he beg apology for the same. he did such things, for which he is really very  sorry. the poet also shows his half burnt fingers.
                      this was the fire which destroyed everything.  

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