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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Failures are the pillars of success

Failures are the pillars of success

Life is full of problems (bunle of problems). One has to pass through many ups and downs during his life time. Men have to face failures in their efforts to achieve the mission. But nobody should be disheartened in this regard. it is really a burning fact that failures are the pillars of success. All great men had to face frustration in the beginning but it had not discouraged them. They continued their efforts and never been disappointed. At last, they became successful in their efforts. Napoleon had once told that there is nothing impossible in the world and 'impossible' word is only found in the dictionary of fools.
                        If a student fails in the examination he must make efforts to pass the examination in future and to become successful. then only he would pass the examination next time. thus failure will become a boon to our success, if we continue to work in that direction. 

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