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Monday, 30 April 2018

Examination Day or, Examinations


Examination Day or, Examinations
An examination day is a very hard day for all. We prepare for this day for months and months. We reach the gate of the Examination Hall before time and start talking to other examinees regarding the probable questions. We talk of the guesses, We talk of our preparations and so on.
                           The gale opens. We enter the hall. We hunt out seats for our Roll No and Roll Code. We are guided by some teachers in locating the seats. There is peace in the hall.

                                                                             The invigilators distribute the answer books in time. The questions are distributed just at 10 A.M. We stand up and receive the questions papers. We start reading them.
                     Some time, We find that the question is very stiff. Then we get nervous, but we should not be so. A nervous man can't do anything. We should go through the question paper again and again. Some solution must come out. Nervousness is the worst things. It does not let any one think anything properly. 
                                                                               We start writing the anwers in the name of god, Our Examination is over at 1.P.M. Before submitting the "Answer Books", We revise the answer book.

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