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Thursday, 5 April 2018

bharat is my home summary

bharat is my home

2. Bharat is my home

The extract "Bharat is my home" is taken from the speech of Dr.zakir Hussain. he delivered his speech in 1967 after taking the oath as president. in his speech, Dr.zakir Hussain pledgs himself of the service of the totality of India's culture.
                                          in his speech, he said that he assumed his office of the president in a spirit of humanity and total dedication.he would be abide by the consititution of India.he pledges to the service of absolute values. the author in his speech has given the importance of the growth of national culture and national character. according to him, our past culture is not dead and static it is alive and dynamic. our past culture is the base of developing the quality of our present and the prospects of our future.
      Dr.zakir Hussain in his speech pledges himself to the loyalty of our past culture.he also pledges his loyalty to his country. he promises to work for the welfare of its people without distinction of cast, color and creed.he futher says"the whole of Bharat" is my "home and its people are my family".

he pledges to make his home. (Bharat) strong and beautiful. the people will lead a prosperous and graceful life.
           since our family is big we will have to labour hard. each of us shall have to participate in building a new life of nature. he says that the situation demands that we should work more and more. our work should be silent, sincere, solid and steady.
                                                                             according to the author, there are two aspects of work-individual and social. a man should work for his personal requirements. a person should be free to develop his personal, physical and moral values under strict discipline. but an individual can not grow in full perfection without the help of society. so, individuals and society are co-related and interdependent.
              at last the author says that our dtate will not be just an organization of power, but a moral organisation. to mahatma Gandhi, state power or individual power should be used only for moral purposes. the author promises to devote his time to the welfare of the people of Bharat.

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