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Sunday, 29 April 2018

An Exciting Match or, A Cricket Match

An Exciting Match or, A Cricket Match

I was watching the match which was one day match between india and pakistan, the played well exciting match for me. Pakistan made 300 Runs in 50 overs. Indian players played well up to 7th player and made 250runs in 40 overs. Indian players and captain was confident to win the match but suddenly in 5 overs the condition of the match changed and two players of india were bowled in only 25 runs and india made 275 runs in 45 overs and had only one wicket and runs were to be scored 25. I was watching the match seriously. all the spectators became silent waiting the result of that match. After 4 over indian players made 20runs more and score became 295 and only one ball remained and five runs were required to win the match. I was very excited in that situation. At last indian players scored six runs and india won the match. I always remember that event. It was really an exciting match. 

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