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Saturday, 28 April 2018

A Journey by Bus

A journey by bus is generally troublesome in our country. The buses are crowded. They do not run in time. A journey by bus is not comfortable. It is difficult to get a seat in the bus.

                  Only last week i made a journey to patna by bus. I had my suitcase with me. I went to the Muzaffarpur bus-stand to catch a bus.
                                 When i arrived at the bus-stand, i found a large number of passengers standing there. As soon as the bus came, I rushed towards it. I thought that i Would not be able to find a seat. Anyhow i entered the bus. in a few minutes the bus was full. Even then passengers went on coming in. Some stood at the door. A good number of them sat on the roof of the bus. I had booked my ticket.
                   The bus started after some time. It was the month of August. We were in great trouble. The bus was so crowded that we were not getting fresh air to breath. We felt sufforcated. some of the passengers were talking loudly. A few of them were smoking. It was very diffcult to sit inside the bus. Some persons were criticizing the government.
            Any way, the bus was moving very slowly. it stopped at several places between Muzaffarpur and patna . The two-hour journey became a five-hour journey. I was very tired by the time. I reached patna. Thank God, My journey ended safely.  

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