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Sunday, 29 April 2018

A Football Match

A Football Match
The federation cup tournament is held every year, in india. It was 3rd December 1994. The final of the football match was held at the salt lake stadium at 6.50pm. About fifty thousand people had gathered in the stadium to witness the match. Besides, lakhs of people saw the match on TV (TVs). Many others heard running comentaries on their radios.
                                Mohan Bagan and East Bengal were in the final. Mohan bagan had defeated the mahindra and East Bengal had defeated the salgaonkar tearm.

                                               I also  sat in front of TV set. A number of people were anxious to witness the match. the referee blew the whistle. Both the teams came to the ground. The players of mohan bagan team were dreassed in black while the players of the East bengal team were dressed in white. Both the teams had entered the final several times.
                      The match started at 6.50pm. Sharp. The play was really superb. The players of Mohan Bengal played the game according to Latin American countries. But East Bengal followed the European style.
                before the interval neither side could score a goal. mohan bagan played beautifully through short passes. Their forwards were well combined. But East Bengal put a little pressure on Mohan Bagan. The teams were evenly matched.
                                                 After the interval. both the teams began to attack each other with all their art and force. Each side missed a few chances to score. the time was running out. It was difficult to say which side Would win. But eight minutes before the final whistle, Mohan Began put the ball into East Bengal's net. Thus Mohan Bagan secured the trophy. The match was really superb.

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