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Monday, 9 April 2018

A child is born summary

7. A child is born
The essay  "a child is born" is written by Germaine Greer. in this essay, she has thoroughly examined the cultural pecularities of the east and the west regarding child-birth and the parent-child relationships.
A child is born Summary
                                             the author explains the ways of managing-child birth in traditional societies. according to Greer, there are many ways. some of them are diversed to one other. their usefulness may be seen in the fact that they are culturally and collectively accepted. in this way, their mother does not have a mental burden to find out the new ways (mathids) in course of action. a woman who follows the legitimate ways and religious ceremony will be able to come accross the problem. she will have other stronger set in observing many activities relating to the religious ceremony. this will increase the har sense of security and she will realise that she is conducting the pregnancy and not that it is conducting her. some educated women are found a victim of superstition and adopting old, unscientific methods of delivery (child-birth) which is really bad.

                                                                    mortality of infant and mother is higher in traditional births. everybody will accept that each infant and particularly every maternal death is a tragedy to be prevented if at all possible . in many societies women go to live with their mother-in-law from mother's houses after marriage. it is an evident truth that such women do not become members of their new family until they have born a child. in eastern countries, women would lose her own name and become know as the mother of her first-born. mostly their own title (lineage) would be changed after their husband's surname. but in the west, she would not lose her own name after her marriage.
                                          there is a costom in Sylheti woman (woman belongs to the sylhet district of Bangladesh). if her parents are alive, she goes to her mother's house for the last few months of her pregnancy and remains there about the first three months of the baby's birth. there she gets a lot of love and care. in Bangladesh children under the age of five or six years are looked after by the whole family, the children play out of doors with natural objects. here people say that Asian children do not play with toys.
                                                                                                                                                   in bangledesh, they do not need toys. they make their own simple things. in South Africa, in "Bantu women's case birth of a child of a pregnant lady is far from normal. 
                                                                                                                                                the authoress says that the main obstacles for the modern western technology for reaching in huts and a small cottage are poverty, still, the cultural dominance of western technology has achieved its objectives.

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